An activity is a task that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline to work towards work-related goals. Activities can be linked together using rules to create dependencies.

An activity is the core of a business process, the work being done in order to reach a goal.


An activity holds several different attributes. Each attribute has three state-values, It can have rules to other activities, It can have a name, role(s) assigned to it, a description, and be part of tags and a level.


The three Boolean states that every activity has are:

  • Included
  • Pending
  • Executed

All the rules are based on these values.

Creating Activities

Activity in DCR Whiteboard
Activity in DCR Whiteboard
  1. We can create new activities in models by clicking on the + Add Activity button in the activities/process panel (placed on left by default)
  2. We can also click on insert in main menu on the top and then click on + New Activity
  3. Another way is to right click on the canvas anywhere (gray area), a menu will be shown click on Add Activity and a new Activity will be created there
  4. We can also create a new Activity by dragging the + Add Activity button found in the activities/process panel to the canvas and after drag a new Activity will be created there.

Activity grouping

Activities can be grouped into other activities. Such containers can have different types

Data activities

Learn more about data activities here.

Associate roles with an activity

Read more about roles here.

Associate phases to an activities

Read more here.

Activity effects

Activity effects makes it possible for DCR to invoke other systems, e.g. retrieve an address of a company using the unique company id. Read more here.

Resource expression

A resource expression is evaluated before an activity is executed and unless true the activity cannot be executed. This can be used to support separation of duties, e.g. ensuring the same person cannot approve his own work. Read more here.

Activity editor

The activity editor enables you to edit sequence of activities by dragging and dropping activities. Click menu Edit-->Activity Editor to open:

Activities can be grouped by tags or phaess - click above.

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