#DCR Form

DCR Form

Activities in a DCR process model can be data activities. When grouping data activities you get a DCR Form.

Form patterns

Patterns typically difficult to support in traditional forms systems includes the following which are easy to solve using DCR Forms:

  • A field cannot be filled out before another field is filled out – e.g. you must fill out startdate before filling out end-date
  • Once a field is filled out you must fill out other field – e.g. if startdate is filled out you must fillout end-date, i.e. end-date become a mandatory field if startdate is filled out
  • Once a field is filled out other fields are shown – e.g. if the user selects a checkbox “applied before” a textbox is shown where the user can fill out details about previous applications
Require sequence of fields
Using a Condition between two fields, you can force the sequence of the fields being filled out.
Require field to be mandatory once another field is fileld outResponseUsing a Response between two fields you can force one field to become mandatory once the first field is filled out.
Make field, or fields, visible, once fields are filled out/selectedIncludeUsing an Include rule you can force a field to beco

Validation rules

Syntactical validation rules can be added to a form, like min and max length of a field etc.

Simulating a form

The DCR Simulator supports a DCR Form with a few exceptions as file and image upload data types are not supported as we have no place to store the file in the simulator. If you wish to test your form with files use the form subscription feature as outlined below.

A comprehensive example

Please visit this example for a detailed example of using DCR Form to create an application form.

DCR Form Subscription

DCR Forms can be shared on a DCR Form server using the DCR Form Subscription sharing feature found under graph sharing in the options panel.

Once you click on the “Share Form Subscriptions” button you’ll be taken to a new page where you can maintain the form subscriptions.

You can create, modify and delete subsciptions. Creating a new subscription will present this form (actually also a DCR Form) where you can choose different sharing options:

The Recipient supports different types of protocols used when submitting the form and sending it to the recipient:

  1. SMTP – sending the form and attachment as security email to the recpient
  2. SOP – protocol for the new form server, the DCR SOP
  3. ECM – supporting a protocol developed by Exformatics where the form is posted using a SOAP call


In the SMTP protocol you specify recipient email address, check whether to use secure email (we believe you should always do this), the email subject and body. Finally you decide whether to include the form as a PDF document, the attachments uploaded, the data XML as well as the DCR Form xml.


The DCR Standard Operating procedure, DCR SOP,


The ECM protocol is used when communicating directly with the backend system on a server-to-server protocol.

Related Release notes

Release 6.1.1

  • Computational values support in Form server

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Using a DCR Form in an application

DCR Form can be used in two different ways in 3. party applications and web sites.

  1. Use an IFRAME or DIV in your web site referring to the form subscription guid
  2. Use a snippet

IFRAME/DIV and DCR Form subscription

When sharing a DCR Form a unique subscription guid is generated. An example form can be found here. In order to view form subscriptions click share form subscriptions:

A new window will be opened:

Click on the guid to view the form:

Parameters can be added to change the form:

  • closetext=<text>
  • canceltext=<text>
  • css=<css file>

Try using this link to see the change using another CSS style:

Event Close button and Cancel link can be modified as outlined here:

DCR Form button – Send and Cancel

You can change the names of the Send and Cancel buttons and hide the Cancel button.

Open the Activity Editor in DCR Whiteboard and select the Form:

Then click on the edit icon on the upper right corner.

Enter SUBMIT as Send Text and STOP as Cancel Text and click Done.

DCR Form Styling

DCR From Server supports styling of the form using an external stylesheet.

An example styling sheet can be found on this link:

DCR Form Server RESTful API

DCR Form server supports a RESTful API which enables the user to clean up documents and folders after form is submitted.

Method: DELETE

To delete a particular file { url :’ is a test file.docx’ }

To delete a whole folder
{ token :’9ec10313-29e1-4971-a2d8-1a7f6cb675aa’ }