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Application form

This example outlines an application form used by foundations such as Dreyers Fond, Rudolph Als Fonden or Velliv Fonden.

You can apply for different types of grants and depending on the choice you need to fill out different fields. DCR Form solves this challenge in a unique manner. Instead of creating multiple application forms, one for each situation, we handle all the situations inside one application form. This has many advantages. There is just one user journey instead of multiple journeys where the user could have choosen the wrong journey initially. It is also easier to maintain as changes does not need to be integrated in several forms but can be handled in one common user journey form.

In the specific example the application can search a grant for a study tour or a project. For a study tour you must fill out the receiving university, period etc, while for a project you must fill out other information.

You can try the form yourself from this link:

When opening the form the user first has to chooce the Application type:

After choosing say Travel the form changes.

Notice the new group "Your study abroad" has been added.

If you change the application type to Project the form adjust itself dynamically:

Now it displays "Company and project".

If the used had filled out most of the form, name, budget etc, but then realize they had choosen the wrong type, all the data chosen can be re-used when chaging from Travel to Project.

We thereby support a flexible user journey benefiting the users as well as the administrators.

The application type is an activity in the DCR process model of the data type choice with the following values:

If you look in the model you will find a nested activity “Your study abroad” and another nested activity “Company and project”.

Guarded include and exclude relations exists from Application Type to these nested activities which ensures that the form is adapted to the required behavior.