Template process models

A process model can be saved as a template and used when creating new process models.

Creating a model based on a Template

When you create a new process model you can click the Templates button in the lower left corner to open up a list of templates:

Selecting a template will copy resources from the tempalte into your model that is:

  • Roles
  • Tags
  • Activity effects including parameters

Update from template

If your process model is based on an old version of a template you can update it using the Edit-->Update from Template in DCR Whiteboard.

Select the template will update your existing process model with information found in the template.

KMD WorkZone use templates

Models in KMD WorkZone should be created using the template associated with the version.

Create a new template

A model can be shared a a template by checking the Template checkbox in the Share process menu. Only organizational administrators can share models as templates.

Related Release notes

Release 7.0.3

  • Improved activity editor
  • More FEEL functions - more business value
  • Ability to view who has created revisions

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