#KMD WorkZone

KMD WorkZone

KMD WorkZone supports DCR inside with case activities. Find more details in KMD WorkZone manuals found here.

WorkZone supports the basic DCR semantics including

  • Roles – including automatic user/robot
  • Activities – basic activities
  • Business rules
  • Time – delay and deadlines
  • Activity types – refer to documentation for specific WorkZone activity types

Process Mining with WorkZone

Case activities running inside KMD WorkZone creates a log that can be exported for analysis in process mining tools. The DCR XML Log can be exported using a not-supported tool from KMD, If you wish to convert the log to XES we provide an online tool to do so.

And example log file generated by KMD WorkZone can be downloaded from this link.

KMD WorkZone export tools look like this:

KMD WorkZone DCR XML Log export tool

Enter the following information:

UriThe URL from the browser that runs WorkZone, e.g.
UsernameThe username
DomainThe domain of the user, e.g. for “Customer\initials”, “Customer”
PasswordThe password
WfIdThe GUID of the Workflow. Use Workflow Query Builder to find the guid in the table WzpWorkFlows.
FilepathThe path where the DCR XML Log file should be stored.

Contact your KMD WorkZone representative for details about this tool.

Related Release notes

Release 5.8

  • Welcoming process revision history wizard
  • Simplifying business rules - the pre-condition
  • Separation of duties

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