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WorkZone Dynamic Effects Package

With the release of DCR Portal 7.0 is it possible to simulate and work with WorkZone effects directly from DCR Simulator.

This list of WorkZone Dynamic Effects package is shown below. Example graphs exists for each effect. In order to similar dynamic effects your organization needs to be configured to interact with your WorkZone demo environment. For details contact your local KMD WorkZone representative or DCR Solutions.

WZ.GetValueSimilar to WorkZone GetValue but no automatic triggering. Only executed if enabled and pending and role is Robot.
WZ.SetValueSimilar to WorkZone SetValue.
WZ.GetEntitySimilar to WZ.GetValue but possible to retrieve many values from WorkZone at the time.
WZ.SetEntitySimilar to UpdateEntities but do not prompt user in a form.
WZ.GetListRetrieve a list of objects from WorkZone and return them as a DCR list of json string objects.
WZ.CopyDocumentsSimilar to WorkZone CopyDocuments
WZ.ValidateEntitiesSimilar to WorkZone ValidateEntities. Will not be repeated automatically. Can be done using delay and responses.
WZ.CreateEntitySimilar to CreateEntity. Also provides error handling.
WZ.CompleteGraphSimilar to CompleteGraph.
WZ.CreateDocumentAdds a document to WorkZone from any base64 source.
WZ.AddDocumentToCaseAdds the document from WZ.CreateDocument to a specific case in WorkZone.
WZ.GetDocumentLinkGet a link for a WorkZone document so it can be retrieved.
WZ.GetDocumentGet base64 of a WorkZone document.
WZ.GetCaseActivitiesGet a list of all case activities for a specific case.

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Release 7.0.3

  • Improved activity editor
  • More FEEL functions - more business value
  • Ability to view who has created revisions

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