Collaboration and connections

In the DCR Portal you will always belong to the Community organization but can also belong to other organizations.

You can find your organization in the upper right corner of the portal and easily switch to another organization.


In order to collaborate with co-workers you must connect to them.

However, if you belong to an organization your Administrator can configure that you can view all members of the organization without being connected. Read more about Enterprise features in the DCR Portal.

You can access and invite new connections to the DCR Portal by using the Connections menu in the upper right corner:

This will take you to the Connections area where you can see the people you're directly connected to:

You can invite co-workers to work with you, either by finding their profile in the portal, or inviting them by entering their email address.

The invitation must be accepted by the person and you can view pending invites and requests by selected the proper panels above. The email received looks similar to this:

Invite co-workers to your organization

You can invite co-workers to join your organization or private cloud. Select Connections in the menu and then select Invite to Organization:

Enter peoples email. An invitation will be send. The email contains a link that will invite you into the organization:

Click the link and you will join the organization.

Ensure your profile is shared

A pre-requisite for others to be able to find you is that your profile is searchable. Due to European GDPR privacy issues we cannot make your profile searchable by default. When you sign-up to the portal you can choose to make your profile searchable or you can change your profile as sketched below:

You must ensure that the checkbox "Make my profile searchable in the public DCR Community".

Sharing process models

Models can be shared in three different ways:

  1. Directly with connections
  2. Indirectly through shared categories
  3. Be made public to everyone within an organization (not available in the public Community organization)

Share process model directly

A process model can be shared by selecting the sharing options in the model:

Select the people you wish to share the process with and click Share.

When you share a model you can share for update as well as for read only access.

If you're in a private organzation that allows you to make the model public click the public checkbox to share the model with everyone within the organization.

Share a model indirectly

You can share a model indirectly through a category.

Categories can contain models and can be shared in a number of ways:

  1. Share with specific persons for read only or update access
  2. Share with everyone in an organization for read only or update access
  3. Share with specific teams for read only or update access

Click the + menu on the right of the category name in the portal dashboard and select Share:

Once the category is shared it can be viewed by others which has access to the category.

Organizational administrator

An organizational administrator can do several things for the organization:

  1. Share DCR process models as a template
  2. Move ownership of process models to other users
  3. Add existing users to the organization - see below:

User Roles give you access to view Users, Processes and Simulations within the organization:

Organizational Administrators can now (from DCR Portal 7.0) remove users. Simply click the circle and select "Remove user".

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