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DCR Whiteboard

DCR Whiteboard is the classical editor when managing DCR process models, and is currently the default editor assigned to process models. When you create a new process model DCR Whiteboard will be opened. Initially you will be prompted to fill out the title of the process model:

Once filled out DCR Whiteboard is shown:

For historical reasons we use the right mouse to add activities, processes as well as business rules. Many users find this choice odd and we're working to change this.

Adding activities

Whenever you make a right mouse click on the whiteboard a menu will be shown:

Add three activities:

  1. Fill out an expense report
  2. Approve
  3. Pay out

Whenever you select an activity with the mouse the Options panel on the right is shows. Change Label to match the requirement.

You move an activity by selecting it and then dragging the mouse.

Adding roles

Now you must add three roles

  1. Employee
  2. Manager
  3. Finance

Click on Resources in Options panel and then click on Roles + Add.

Once all three roles are added notice them in the Options panel under Resources:

Now select each activity and select the proper role by checking the checkbox. Notice that more than one role can be associated with an activity.

Adding business rules

DCR process models consist of two major business rules the Pre-Condition and the Response.

Pre-ConditionIn order to Pay Out the manager must first Approve.

As a very first rule you should add a pre-condition rule stating that Approve must be done prior to Pay out.

Adding rules in DCR Whiteboard is a bit complicated. First you select the source activity and then you right mouse click on the target activity which shows the rules menu.

Choose to add a Pre-Condition.

When ever the employee fill outs an expense report he expect that he will in fact get paid. The response rule establish a goal or a mandatory activity to happen before the process can be completed.

We therefore add a response from Fill out an expense report to Pay out.

This is a simple business model supporting the expense report process enforcing two business rules:

  1. Manager must approve before pay out can be made - the Pre-Condition
  2. When even an employee fills out an expense report they must later receive their claim - the Response

Read more about business rules.


You find the model view type in the lower right corner in DCR Whiteboard.

Some models contain many rules that makes it difficult to read and understand the model. You can choose to dim or hide business rules using Viewtype.

Related Release notes

Release 6.4

  • Welcome to digital on-boarding and exercises
  • Ability to find certified DCR experts
  • Making it easier for modellers - Use drag-n-drop to nest activity

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