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Multi-instance sub-process

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Please refer to the subgraph example.

This process contains five different activities where three activities is in a multi-instance sub-process.

  1. Create new document - spawn a new document sub-process
  2. Document multi-instance sub-process
    1. Check-in document
    2. Check-out document
    3. Download document
  3. Close Case

When we simulator we initially have only two activities in the task list.

You cannot check-in or download any documents as no documents has been created yet.

If you create one new document the task list changes:

You must now check-in the newly created document. You must still close the case but you cannot do this as the first document is not yet checked in.

Once you check-in the first document you have four tasks:

If you check-out the first document you will block Close case as the document is checked out. If you also add a new document the task list will look as follows:

You must now check-in both documents, the first as you checked it out, the second as it has not yet been checked-in.

You must also check-in both documents before you can close the case. Once the case is closed thereare two tasks left in the task list:

When the case is closed it is not possible to check-out and edit the documents anymore.