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Employee onboarding

This example will take you through the process of creating a DCR Process Model from a text. We will use the different tools found in the DCR Portal including DCR Highlighter, DCR Swimlane Editor, DCR Simulator and DCR Whiteboard.

Image a process description as outlined below:

In order for the employee to have a good first working day, some things must be secured before starting. HR must set up the employee in the personnel system. The employee must state previous employment so that HR can calculate the salary based on experience and previous salary. Then the HR must send the contract to the employee who must accept the contract. Finally, FM must find and assign the employee an office space and get an admission card.


According to the methodology we may start by identifying roles. The roles are:

  • Employee
  • HR
  • FM


Secondly we can proceed to identify activities found in the description.

The overall goal of the process is that the employee should have a good first working day.

Using Highlighter we’ve marked the activities.

Notice that the activities are marked in Highlighter on the left with a round A


As the third step we can identify possible flows of the process.

Using the swimlane editor new flows are easily created simply by dragging and dropping activities onto the swimlanes.

You can also use DCR Simulator from the DCR Designer and step through each step shown in a task list.

Creating a flow using flow editor

Creating a flow using simulation

During simulation all events can be executed at the same time. The reason for this is that there are no rules defined in the process.

Use Path History to identify diversity of flows

Path History can be used to analyze the diversity of a set of flows. These flows can be created on design time by users or at run time by importing the process into a DCR complicant system which will generate a DCR XML Log that can be analysed.

Consideration – get admission card before contract is accepted

Is it allowed to get a card for an employee before the contract has been accepted by the employee? There is nothing in the process description that describe such a rule. It could be solved by saying that accept the contract is a condition for get an admission card.

Consideration – contract gets rejected

What happens if the employee rejects the contract? The process description does not contain any description that this can happen but what does the reality show? Do all contracts get accepted?

We’ve added a new activity reject the contract. If the contract gets rejected we’ve added a response rule to accept the contract as rejection requires the contract to be accepted at a later stage.