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Activity effect

Activity effects can be used to interact with third party systems such as KMD WorkZone, Salesforce, ServiceNow or SAP. DCR Open Case Manager also use activity effects to interact with systems such as Danish CPR number validation and sending letters to citizen using eBoks.

Activity effeccts are defined under resources on the graph and shown on each activity in the bottom in cursive:

When you click the activity effect, here Activityeffect, you can edit the values of the parameters of the activity effect:

Visit the graph to try it out for yourself..

The value of some activity effects refer to the value of activities within the graph and often written in a jQuery style, e.g. "$(SomeActivity)". For details refer to the actual definition of each activity effect in the target system.

KMD WorkZone

KMD WorkZone supports the following activity effects:

CheckCheck is the basic activity effect, which you can use for creating items on a check list. You can, for example, use it for providing information that must be read before moving on to the next activity. You can add instructions and links to more information in this activity. This is the default activity effect.
CompleteGraphCompleteGraph completes the graph. You can use this activity to allow users to complete a case activity list even if some activities have not been executed, for example, if the activities were not needed in a work process.
CopyDocumentsCopyDocuments copies documents that are retrieved by a query to the current case. The documents are copied without the source meta data. The access code is verified on the basis of the case handler's or the case owner's access rights. For example, you can use this activity effect to copy standard documents, such as templates to a case.
EditDocumentsEditDocuments provides a list of documents for editing. The documents on the list are retrieved by a query, for example, documents on a specific case, documents with me as the case handler, and so on.
StartProcessStartProcess starts a process or another case activity list. When a user executes the activity, the Start process dialog box opens with the specified process.
SendSmartPostSendSmartPost starts a SmartPost process. In this release, you can send a letter to recipients. By default the SendSmartPost activity is executed automatically.
UpdateEntitiesUpdateEntities updates values of specific text fields on a case, for example if you want the case title and the case state of the current case to change after an action has been completed.
ValidateEntitiesValidateEntities allows you to validate values on a case based on a condition that you define, and if the condition is met, the subsequent activities will be included or excluded. The ValidateEntities activity effect works in connection with guards that you define on the Include and Exclude relation effects.
GetValueGetValue allows you to fetch a value from an entity, for example a case. You can then use this value in guards to make conditions based on WorkZone data. If the condition is met, the subsequent activities will be included or excluded.
SetValueSetValue allows you to set a value based on a query in a WorkZone field. You can use the Computations field on the SetValue activity to provide an expression, for example combining a GetValue activity and actual values. The value that is calculated in the Computations field, will be the value that will be set in the specified WorkZone field.

DCR Open Case Manager

DCR Open Case Manager supports the following activity effects:

Name Description
TasksRepresent an activity as a task in OCM. Ability to configure the UI of the task, i.e. the image.
TasksWNoteAs Tasks but also edit a comment in plain text.
TasksWNoteHtmlAs Tasks but also edit a comment in formatted text.
TasksWNoteFullAs Tasks but also show a comment in foramtted text as well as ability to edit the note for a long time.
OCMSpawnSpawns a new instance within the same context as the parent instance.
UploadDocumentOCMUploads a document to Open Case Manager.
CreateCaseAcadreCreate a case in FormPipe Acadre
CloseCaseAcadreClose a case in FormPipe Acadre
CreateJournalAcadreCreate a journal entry on a case in FormPipe Acadre
UploadDocumentAcadreUpload a document to a case in FormPipe Acadre
CreateCaseSBSYSCreate a case in SBSYS
CloseCaseSBSYSClose a case in SBSYS
CreateJournalSBSYSCreate a journal entry on a case in SBSYS
UploadDocumentSBSYSUpload a document to a case in SBSYS

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