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Open Case Manager

DCR Open Case Manager, OCM, is an open source case management solution available in Github.

OCM a simple web application that can instantiate DCR graphs as a task list, as well as execute Robotic events. The application use a Microsoft IIS and SQL infrastructure and can be hosted in Azure.

DCR Open Case Manager is shared in Github under a AGPLv3 open source license.

DCR Open Case Manager can import and execute DCR graphs. An activity in a DCR graph is typically presented as a task in a task list and a DCR graph is instantiated as a process instance, or a case.

Front page

The front page gives the user access to his own proces instances and open tasks assigned to the user. It is also possible to instantiate new processes from the front page.


Instantiating new process is done by clicking the "+" in the "Sager/Case" (process instance) toolbar

Add new instance

If the roles are left blank the current user will be assigned to all the roles.

Instance page

On the OCM instance page the user can view

  • Instruction - which is the text from the DCR Graph description field
  • The phase of the current instance
  • The title of the instance
  • Tasks associated with the instance
  • Documents uploaded to the instance
An instance

MUS page

On the MUS page a manager can see a list of his employees and easily create new MUS cases. Status and actions of existing instances can be viewed and executed from the MUS page. It is also possible to go to the instance page from the MUS page.

MUS page

Forms module

DCR Open Case Manager also support a simple form or question module that can be used by HR department to prepare questions for users. The questions can be exported as PDF or Word.

Managing DCR processes

In DCR Open Case Manager you can import DCR graphs so they can be executed within DCR Open Case Manager. Click on "Search processes" in the menu and the graphs owned by and shared with the service user (see Web.config for details) will be shown and can be searched.

A good best practice for managing processes used in OCM it to create a Category and share it with users that need to configure OCM. They can then place their graph in this category making it visible by the service user.

Notice: Graphs cannot be shared across different organizations so the service user and designers must belong to the same organization.

Adjusting DCR processes to OCM

DCR Open Case Manager supports customization of events using the activity effects:

  • Tasks
  • TasksWNote
  • UploadDocumentOCM - ability to upload a document to Open Case Manager
    For more information see below.

Further the following activity effects exists which is used for integration with Formpipe Acadre ECM.

  • CreateCaseAcadre - create case in Acadre
  • CloseCaseAcadre - close case in Acadre
  • CreateJournalAcadre - create a journal entry in Acadre (Memo, case note)
  • UploadDocumentAcadre - upload a document to Acadre

Similar OCM integrates to SBSYS and supports

  • CreateCaseSBSYS - create case in SBSYS
  • CloseCaseSBSYS - close case in SBSYS
  • CreateJournalSBSYS - create a journal entry in SBSYS (Memo, case note)
  • UploadDocumentSBSYS - upload a document to SBSYS

Tasks and TasksWNote

Tasks and TasksWNote have two parameters

  • UIEvent - javascript code that will be executed as a side effect when executing the event
  • UIEventClass - the icon from font-awesome that will be displayed in OCM. If blank the default task icon will be displayed
Task parameters

A task with note displays a pop-up box where the user can enter comments as part of executing the event.

Task with note popup

Notice: In the current version of OCM the comment is not saved.

Configuration of DCR Open Case Manager

Please refer to DCR Open Case Manager Configuration for details.

OCM Architecture

Please refer to

OCM architecture

OCM Releases

OCM has been released as follows

  • OCM 1.11 - June 2019 (planned)
    • Ability to mark activities as probably not applicable
    • Sorting on tables on children, child and instance page
    • Change responsible for a child, an instance and an activity
    • Better journal notes to Acadre
    • HTML journal notes properly converted to RTF documents to be stored in Acadre
  • OCM 1.10.1 - May 2019
    • Ability to view children that other case workers are responsible for
    • Ability to search for children based on social security number
    • Various modifications to Acadre integration module
  • OCM 1.1o - May 2019
    • Code from project with ITU students and Syddjurs Municipality merged into official release
  • OCM 1.9 - March 2019
  • OCM 1.8 - February 2019
  • OCM 1.7 released in Github - February 12th, 2019
  • OCM 1.7 - January 2019
    • Azure deployment
  • OCM 1.6 - December 2018
    • Instuction web parts
    • UI events
  • OCM 1.5 - October 2018
    • Support for time in OCM
    • Process overview added
  • OCM 1.2 - August 2018
    • Acadre integration operational
  • OCM 1.1 - July 2018
    • MUS process included
  • OCM 1.0 - June 2018
    • First version

Related Release notes

Release 7.0.3

  • Improved activity editor
  • More FEEL functions - more business value
  • Ability to view who has created revisions

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