#DCR Open Case Manager

DCR Open Case Manager Configuration

The DCR Open Case Manager can be configured in various ways:

  • Web.config
  • Instruction pages
  • Localization


Web.config contain a set of parameters in the appSettings area:

The settings are

DCRActiveRepositoryhttps://repository.dcrgraphs.netThe lURL of the DCR Active Repository
DCRActiveRepositoryUser The service user accessing graphs
DCRActiveRepositoryUserPassword The password of the service user
UseProcessEnginetrue or falseif true DCR Open Case Manager use the process engine on premise and you need the obtain the engine from DCR Solutions.
if false DCR Open Case Manager use DCR Active Repository
MUSGraphId The id of the DCR graph to be used in the built-in MUS process
PersonalFileLocation Location of personal documents stored in DCR Open Case Manager
InstanceFileLocation Location of instance files stored in DCR Open Case Manager
FormInstructionHtmlLocation html page for the form instruction
MUSInstructionHtmlLocation html page for the MUS instruction
MUSLeaderRole the role in the DCR Graph of the manager/leader
MUSEMployeeRole the role in the DCR Graph of the employee
HideDocumentWebparttrue or falsehide the document web part on the instance page
NodeWordDocumentServer the URL of the Node.js document server
DocFormServerUrlhttps://form.dcrgraphs.netURL of the DCR Form Server
Authority authentication source
RedirectUrl location of the solution in Azure - if applicable
Tenant directory/tenant in Azure - if applicable

Instruction pages

Instructions in DCR Open Case Manager is retrieved from the DCR graph description.

For MUS and Form two specific pages exists which are located as defined in Web.config - see above.


Localization files for specific languages are found in wwwroot/Scripts/Translations where localization files are named depending on the user locale. Currently we localize in two languages:

  • Danish - da-DK.js
  • US English - en-US.js
    The file "DCR translations - data.csv" is a comma separated file for editing translations in Excel. Once done and modified we have a script that will generate the relevant language files.

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