#DCR Highlighter

DCR Highlighter

The DCR Highlighter supports translations between natural language descriptions and declarative process models. The resulting models are given in DCR Process Models. Traceability is at the core of the tool. Later changes in the process model due to, e.g., ambiguity resolution are traced back into the text. This allows users to either correct and complete their descriptions, or to derive models more refined than the text.

Documentation and Installation

You can download the documentation regarding the Highlighter tool, including installation instructions and its usage, from the online documentation

Example Catalog

Some examples of the use of the DCR Highlighter are collected here. They include the process descriptions and their models in DCR Process Models:

Highlighter XML

The text and the highlights are stored inside the DCR XML The representation of text in the Highlighter XML is the intellectual property of DCR Solutions. Any use of this format requires a commercial license.

Introduction to Highlighter

The Highlighter was presented at the BPM 2018 conference in Sydney, Australia as found in this video.

Related Release notes

Release 7.0.0

  • Use generative AI to help business people
  • Hyperautomation with dynamic effects
  • More information in DCR Publisher

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