#Effect #Formpipe Acadre

Formpipe Acadre

DCR Open Case Manager integrates with Formpipe Acadre supporting the activity effects which can be found in this DCR process template.

  • CreateCaseAcadre
  • CloseCaseAcadre
  • CreateJournalAcadre
  • DCRForm2PDF
  • Tasks
  • TasksWNote
  • UploadDocumentAcadre

Syddjurs Municipality has used DCR Open Case Manager since the fall of 2019 supporting their children case processes. An example process for §42 can be found here.

Manu of these processes has been marked using DCR Highlighter in order to map from law text into proess models.

Related Release notes

Release 7.0.3

  • Improved activity editor
  • More FEEL functions - more business value
  • Ability to view who has created revisions

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