Digital on-boarding

Welcome to the DCR Portal where you can create digital process models. Unlike classical analog process models created in Microsoft Visio, Powerpoint or a BPMN tool, DCR graphs are digital, i.e. they can be understood by a computer.

We've designed a digital on-boarding journey for new users that will notify them of important information and features of the DCR Portal.

We have also designed a user experience journey that starts in parallel with the on-boarding journey.

It consist of 5 emails send as follows:

  1. A Welcome email send when you sign up to the portal
  2. After your first week we will send you an email informing you about our documentation site
  3. After the second week we will send you an email regarding online exercises
  4. After the third week we will send you an email informing you about how to get more education and expert knowledge
  5. After the fifth week we will send you an email summing up the on-boarding experience and ask you to evaluate the journey

For each email send we will also notify you directly in the DCR Portal.

We hope you will enjoy the digital on-boarding designed to make it easier for you to learn the benefits of DCR.

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