#DCR Process Methodology

DCR Process Methodology

A major benefit of DCR Processes is the way processes are discovered and defined.

In traditional flow based methods using process notations such as BPMN, you have to identify exactly where the process start and end as well as all the steps and paths in order to complete the process. Collecting such knowledge takes a long time and you cannot digitalize your process before the flow has been defined from start to end.

DCR Processes are faster to work with as you can digitalize the process incrementally, based on just a few pieces of the process known. Once digitalized you can learn from experience what people do and refine the process based on actual experience. The D in DCR Process stands for dynamic, which mean that during the digitalized process the user can even add new activities and rules meeting the need in the actual instance of the process.

Download the DCR Cheatsheet (in Danish) for details.

Related Release notes

Release 6.2

  • Improvement for process modellers
  • Advanced modelling in DCR Flow Editor

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