Release process

In order to ensure a robust and errorless solution DCR Solutions leverages the principles of continuous integration. In practice we release new versions of the portal at least monthly, a principle we've followed since the very first official release of the portal on March 22nd 2016. Please refer to the release history for details.

There are many benefits of modern software development principles including

  • Scaling - we can scale our development department and move resources into areas most asked for by our customers
  • Communication - fast and easy feedback and status about issues and improvements makes it easier to participate in the DCR community
  • Co-creation - the short loop from idea to delivery enhances co-creation by our customers. We welcome change from our customers and are committed to deliver an optimal solutiokn

The release process starts with development in a five step cycle that repeats itself forever:

  1. Development
  2. Integrate
  3. Test
  4. Deploy
  5. Release

Approximately a week before the final release, the release will be made available in our staging environment, found on This is a full replica of our production system, excluding the data. From time to time we copy data from production to test, but that does not happen all the time.

You can test repository too found on

You can also test DCR Form Server on

Not all releases affect Portal, Repository, Form Server etc.

All bugs and user stories are managed in Microsoft DevOps which is not shared. We will however refer to numbers found in DevOps when improving the solution or solving bugs. With every release we will make a "raw" data export from DevOps that will document the improvements.

Dates can be changed and the release history page will be updated once changes are made.

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