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DCR XML is described in the article Exformatics declarative case management workflows as dcr graphs by
Tijs Slaats, Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Thomas Hildebrandt, and Morten Marquard. In Business Process Management, volume 8094 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 339–354. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.

The representation of DCR, dynamic condition response graphs, in DCR XML is the intellectual property of DCR Solutions and any use of this format requires a commercial license.

Meta data about DCR process model

When exporting DCR process models from the portal we now include meta data about the model as well as a hash code which can be used to verify that the model has not been tampered with manually. In a later version (after October 2021) of the portal we will block import of invalid models.

An example meta xml is shown below:

        <graph id="4013" guid="F8F1FE00-F3D6-493F-BC22-0939425D4164" hash="DAEE45BDFDF4D1965D2DDDBC217473F4" categoryId="5946" categoryTitle="PUBLIC"/>
        <revision id="1452435" title="Expense - milestone - good coding practice" type="minor" date="2021-08-28T13:12:09.407"/>
        <organization id="1" name="Community"/>

The xml contain the following information about the graph:

  • The id of the graph - /meta/graph/@id
  • A unique guid for the graph - /meta/graph/@guid
  • The category id of the graph - /meta/graph/@categoryid
  • The category title of the graph - /meta/graph/@categoryTitle
  • The revision id of the graph - /meta/revision/@id
  • The revision title of the graph - /meta/revision/@title
  • The revision type of the graph - /meta/revision/@type - values are minor or major
  • The revision date of the graph - /meta/revision/date
  • The organization id of the graph - /meta/organization/@id
  • The organization name of the graph - /meta/organization/@title


The DCR XML log is part of the DCR XML. A detailled description can be found here.

Highlighter XML

The XML used in the Highlighter App is part of the DCR XML.

The text is stored in the dcrgraph/specification/resources/custom/highlighterMarkup/highlightLayers/highlightLayer as outlined below:

Several layers can exists. The one marked with default=”true” will be shown in Highlighter App when loaded. In a future version of the App the user can choose different layers.

Each Role, Activity and Rule is marked in the highlights node following the layers as outlined above. Below we show how the highligts for the activity “Case” and role “Employee” is marked in the text.

The activity Case is pointing to the text “When an employee fill out an expense report the money must be paid out” starting in position 0 and ending in position 70, and the role Employee points to the text “employee” starting in position 8 and ending in position 16.

Notice the layer name attribute. The reason for this is that the same object in the DCR Process can be highlighted in several layers.The formal XML schema of the Highlighter can be found here.The formal XSD schema of the Highlighter can be found here.

The Highlighter XML also exists in a simplified JSON format found here.

DCR Simple XML and JSON

In order to easy import of process models we've created a simple XML and JSON format. Read more about it here.

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