#Highlighter Suggest

Release 4.2

One Hightlights Line
Welcome to Highlighter Suggest
Release Date:
June 27, 2019
  • Highlighter
    • New natual language processing module that analyze the text and make suggestions to the user for roles, activities and rules
    • Highlighter: Added suggestions for text
    • Highlighter: Added Tool bar for easy content creation
    • Highlighter: Added support for Alias, Comment and Mark all instances in text
    • Highlighter: Added new Menu Options added for better selection and content generation
  • Fixed rules not working for in-line forms in simulation
  • Fixed translation related issues
  • Fixed swim lanes time related issues
  • Fixed IE related issues for swim lanes and process
  • Fixed text import issues with special characters
  • DCR Form subscription editing from DCR Whiteboard

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