#Effect #KMD WorkZone

WZ.GetDocumentLink, WZ.GetDocument, WZ.CreateDocument, WZ.AddDocumentToCase

This graph shows how the four effects which handles documents in WorkZone works.

First the user must fill out the form with the id of the case the document should be uploaded to as well as the record id and name of the new document.

Once done the robot executed the effect WZ.GetDocumentLink which retrieves the url of the document.

The user can inspect the link.

Given this link the robot then executed the effect WZ.GetDocument which returns a base64 encoded string of the document. The user can inspect the document in DCR Simulator.

The robot then creates a new document by executing the effect WZ.CreateDocument. If it successed (OnOK1) the robot adds the document to the case by executing the effect WZ.AddDocumentToCase.

Notice: In order to simulate this example you need to make a copy of the graph and move it to your own organization, and ensure that the WorkZone dynamic effect package is configured for your organization.