Dead-end analysis

Once processes become complicated you might end up in a situation where you cannot reach the goal of the process. This typically when rules are too stick or the process model too large, leading to a dead-end, also referred to in academia as a dead- or live-lock.

The APP Store contains an application, Dead-end analysis, which can be used to detect if such a situation can occur in your process model.

App store menu

This will open the App Store which will show applications available to be used from within the DCR portal.

App Store - applications

Once the application has been enabled you can analyze process models using this application. Two example models are available:

Dead-end initially - dead-lock

In this process model Activity 0 can never be executed as it is has a self-condition. But as it is initially pending the process can never be completed. This is known as a dead-lock.

Dead end after first step - live-lock

Using the second process model we can analyse as outlined below:

Using the Dead-end analyzer it will produce this result:

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