Social sharing for DCR Graphs to people without a DCR Portal account

If you wish to share your DCR Process Models or simulations with people, who you are unsure of or know does not have a DCR Portal account, it is possible.

Inside DCR Whiteboard, it is possible to click on the Share Model flag in the right side, and with it you can choose to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, as well as getting a link that you can email.

A “Public link” creation function is in progress. See next section for a work around.

f you wish a direct link, it is possible right now by using the Google+ sharing option, as you get a clickable title which is a publicly shareable link for you process model.

For sharing a simulation of a process, it is done by clicking the “Simulation” -> “Simulation History” -> “Public view of process model”, which again gives you an URL address that are shareable to all.

Share a simulation public

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