#DCR Form

Forms are declarative processes!

Learn how forms resembles declarative business processes and how the state of a form is very similar to the state of a process.

Forms are logical part of business processes, and forms can be extracted from the process specifications.

DCR Forms enables business users to design and verify forms in the design phase.

DCR Solutions offers Form as a Service enabling businesses to publish forms on existing web sites using a simple URL or a snippit.

0:50 - Forms
3:25 - Forms and DCR Processes
4:02 - The four DCR rules
4:45 - Interpret a DCR process model as a form
6:33 - Tooling - demonstration
9:57 - Form as a service
13:23 - A complex DCR Form example
18.58 - Conclusion


Related Release notes

Release 6.1.1

  • Computational values support in Form server

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