• Compute birthday based on a Danish CPR number
    • A Danish CPR number is encoded as 10 digits, sometimes as 6 digits followed by a - and then 4 digits, e.g. 22022018-1234 or 220220181234. Image you wish to convert a CPR number into a date in order to find out the age of the person or if the person is at least 18 years […]
  • An activity must happen once monthly on the 1st
    • Whenever a new month occur you need a specific activity to happen, "Do The Monthly Work". Initially you need to start the process. This is done by executing "A: Start process". This could be done automatically by a Robot user. Once we can set initial delay and deadlines on activities (expected in the summer of […]
  • Form that calculates remaining value
    • You can apply a foundation for a grant as outlined in this example. When the application has been reviewed it might be approved and some funds might be assigned to the applicant. Then the user needs to split the amount into several lines and would like to know the remaining value to fill out: Rest […]