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Release 7.1.2

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Edit DMN in Excel
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Effect Administration
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Important bug fixes
Release Date:
June 24, 2024
Demo Date:
June 14, 2024

DCR Designer

  • Edit DMN in Excel (DCR.Portal #652, DCR.Repo #288)
  • Settings for DCR Designer now also present in menu front dashboard - called Designer Settings (DCR.Portal #634)
  • DCR Experts on dashboard adjusted so we now show consultants that are certified and licensed in the top (DCR.Portal #665)
  • Ability to show value rule value on rule line (DCR.Portal #656)
  • Business rules - adjusted sequence in menu (DCR.Portal #639)
  • Effect administration page (DCR.Portal #636)
  • Analyzer (DCR.Portal #590, DCR.Repo #281)
  • Organizational administrators can now grant themselves access to graphs - see image below (DCR.Portal #)
  • Bug - image now always shown in DCR Publisher (DCR.Portal #661)
  • Bug - graphs sometimes not saved and user not warned. Typically happens if using copy-paste from Powerpoint and selecting formatted text with a "soft linebreak", typing SHIFT+ENTER in Powerpoint will generate a linebreak represented as a vertical tab (char(11)) which is not valid in xml (DCR.Portal #677, DCR.Repo #300)
  • Bug - cannot search fragments in DCR Designer (DCR.Portal #655)
  • Bug - graph sharing in categories sometimes not shown when searching, filters Shared With Me and Shared By Me not working (DCR.Repo #297)
  • Bug - when creating new graphs reload is needed initially (DCR.Portal #)

DCR Simulator

  • New user called "Robot" added to DCR Simulator, executes automatically by DCR Workflow layer, turn off by removing checkbox (DCR.Portal #633)
  • Bug - aggressive user not working (DCR.Portal #674)

Organizational administrator


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