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Release 7.1.0

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Updated rules layout
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More effects capabilities
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A little help for administrators
Release Date:
June 4, 2024
Demo Date:
March 26, 2024

DCR Designer

  • Layout changes to rules (DCR.Portal #220)
  • DCR Publisher - using newest engine and wording (DCR.Repo #)
  • Subgraphs replacing multi-instance subprocesses which is not supported anymore. If you have graphs with multi-instance subprocesses feel free to ask how to mgirate to subgraphs

DCR Simulator

  • DCR Process Engine updated to 5.7.1
  • Various bug fixing

DCR Portal

  • If administrator opens graph with no access he can now grant himself access to any graph within the organization (DCR.Portal #478)

DCR Active Repository

  • DCR Process Engine updated to 5.7.1

Effects - DCR Workflow layer

  • Updated to version 5.7.1
  • Now supports WSSE authentication (DCR.Workflow #109)

For administrators

  • When inviting new members to your organization, the system will first verify the availability of subscription before adding them. However, you can still add consultants to your organization if they have an agreement with DCR Solutions. Read more.

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