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Release 7.0.3

One Hightlights Line
Improved activity editor
Two Hightlights Line
More FEEL functions - more business value
Three Hightlights Line
Ability to view who has created revisions
Release Date:
March 12, 2024
Demo Date:
February 7, 2024

DCR Designer

  • New feel function, xml get string (DCR.Engine #257)
  • New feel function, map, to manipulate lists in DCR. View this example (DCR.Engine #269, DCR.Engine #278)
  • Show roles in Activity Editor (see note below) (DCR.Portal #243)
  • Group by subprocess in Activity Editor (see note below) (DCR.Portal #335)
  • Revision history also shows who changed the graph (see note below) (DCR.Portal #339)
  • Click fragment icon to open in DCR Designer (DCR.Portal #338)
  • Issue with non-ascii characters in DMN keys, e.g. danish ÆØÅ. Open DMN editor and press save to solve the problem (DCR.Portal#377)

DCR Simulator

  • Group by bug in simulator (DCR.Engine #270)
  • DCR Process Engine upgraded to version 5.4.4

DCR Active Repository

  • New function, upgrade graph from log (DCR.Repo #130)
  • DCR Process Engine upgraded to version 5.4.4

DCR Workflow Layer

  • Latest version is 5.4.4
  • Use authentication token as query parameter, in header and in body (DCR.Workflow #95)
  • Convert json byte arrow into base64 (DCR.Workflow #94)

Note - view roles and group by subprocess

Note - show modified by in revision history


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