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Release 7.0.0

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Use AI to help business people create models
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Easier to use, work with and document dynamic effects
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More information in DCR Publisher
Release Date:
December 19, 2023
Demo Date:
November 9, 2023

DCR Designer

  • AI Rules Assistant (DCR.Portal #209, DCR.Portal #238)
  • Change of user profile - now show badges, certifications and shared graphs (DCR.Portal #106)
  • Show name of activity effect in popup window (DCR.Portal #156)
  • Rules Wizard - expressions printed better (DCR.Portal #152)
  • Import effects from organization configuration into portal (DCR.Portal #146)
  • Verify Microsoft Edge is fully supported (DCR.Portal #151)
  • DMN - allow .. in ranges, e.g. [3..9[ (DCR.Engine #236)
  • DCR Process Engine updated to version 5.0.0
    • FEEL random function added (DCR.Engine #243)
  • Phase description now html (DCR.Portal #46)
  • Remove share graphs on Facebook and LinkedIn (DCR.Portal #28)
  • Remove roles on nesting, minor bug (DCR.Portal #180)
  • Simulation history - edit flow - bug, isAccepting not updated (DCR.Portal #200)

DCR Simulator

  • Show phases in DCR Simulator in new layout (DCR.Portal #161)
  • Simulate and execute WorkZone Effects directly from DCR Simulator with WorkZone Dynamic Effects package (DCR.Portal #)

DCR Highlighter

  • More prominent View/Alias mode (DCR.Portal #177)

DCR Publisher

  • Include revision history in Word (DCR.Repo #52)
  • Show activity id shown in Word (DCR.Repo #31)
  • Effect parameters shown in Word (DCR.Repo #29)
  • Show phases and tags in Word, show phase description as html (DCR.Repo #68)

DCR Active Repository

  • DCR Process Engine updated to version 5.0.0
  • New simulation api added which validates roles (DCR.Repo #54)
  • Several new endpoints added (...)

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