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Release 6.8

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Introducing DCR Rules Wizard
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More DMN improvements
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Subgraphs replacing multi-instance subprocesses
Release Date:
December 29, 2022
Demo Date:
December 16, 2022


  • Introducing the Business Rules Wizard (121257)
    • Creating business rules is not easy and we often hear that people have trouble understanding the different arrows in the models.
    • In order to make it easier we now introduce the business rules wizard which makes it easier to understand what rules mean (121257).
  • Introducing Subgraphs - replacing multi-instance subprocesses (148966)
    • Ability to spawn instance in same context (5798) replacing OCMSpawn and WorkZone StartProcess activity effects.
  • DCR Process Engine upgraded to 4.12.9
    • Now supporting data types List and User (161134)
  • FEEL improvements
  • UI improvements (159678, 159676, 169577)
  • We've improved DMN expressions so you also can use DMN expressions on rules. Remember, the result expression must always be boolean (148935)
  • Ability to edit sequnce numbers grouped by either tags or phases (132997)
  • Form subscriptions modified to use new form server (164209)


  • New exercises added
  • Improved look-n-feel (154879)

DCR Simulator

  • Now using latest form server
  • Ability to include files while simulating (154797)

DCR SOP / Form Server

Various improvements including:

  • Supporting files (152422)
  • Now using DCR SOP, latest form server, in SimIT (143599), DCR Simulator (154797) and DCR Open Case Manager (164511)
  • Pending field (143717)
  • Can send emails with data as a Json file (172818)
  • Form server running on a new url e.g. Old form server stilling running on

Text to DCR

Convert text into a DCR graph using AI and NLP. (beta release)

View the video on YouTube.

DCR Active Repository

  • DCR Process Engine updated to latest version 4.12.9

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