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Release 6.7

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Support for workdays - (P5WD)
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Japanese language support
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DMN improvement
Release Date:
August 4, 2022
Demo Date:
July 20, 2022

DCR Portal

  • Better message of concurrency issue when editing a graph (141174)
    • Also - concurrency algorithm now much more robust
  • DCR Process Engine updated to 4.3.6 (139432)
    • FEEL language support of "now" and "today" (1377991)
    • Support of working days, see the example (144223)
  • Portal in Japanese - Internationalization completed (143715)
  • SOP configuration - view by phase now supported (143598)
  • Form and SOP configuration - ability to decide whether to display pending count in header (134235)
  • Level is now default 1 for rules (142965)
  • User experience journey
  • Better look-n-feel of popup (144533, 144534)
  • Decision modelling and notation, DMN, improvement, can now be associated with any activity (145648)
  • Support of read roles when designing models (146651)

DCR Simulator

  • Issue with forms in processes with multi-instance subprocesses (154265)

DCR Flow Editor

We previously named DCR Flow Editor for DCR Swimlane Editor. We created swimlanes or scenarios. Now we refer to these as flows and the DCR Flow Editor (152166).

Highlighter Suggest


  • Better formatting of exercise descriptions (148114)

Decision graph server - SOP

  • Help information field now a toggle field (133306)
  • Ability to upload files (140770)


  • Font leads to tm being displayed as a character, html to hTMl (141690)
  • Cannot paste Japanese characters (142694)
  • Japanese characters sometimes does not work for roles in Highlighter (147930)
  • Odd encoding of Danish å (?a) leads to error in DCR Form converter (154235)

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