#DCR Active Repository

Release 6.7.3

One Hightlights Line
Export graphs into Word, Excel and PDF
Two Hightlights Line
Create graph from an Excel document
Three Hightlights Line
Ability to share/un-share graph using repository api
Release Date:
October 24, 2022
Demo Date:
September 26, 2022

DCR Active Repository

New services added

  • Create a graph from an Excel sheet
  • Export a graph as a Word, PDF or Excel document (156308)
  • Ability to save a simulation (159667)
  • Splice supported (159871)
  • Ability to share a graph with a user
  • Ability to move a graph into a specific category
  • Ability to create and update organizational data (139607)
  • Platform upgraded from .NET 4.6.1 to NET 6 (153093)
  • Rule to string (164691)
  • DCR Process Engine updated to 4.9.0
  • DCR SOP logic - create a graph, get graphs from SOP category (162096, 162099)
  • ValidateTrace and ValidateLog now exposed as REST services (140712)

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