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Release 6.6

One Hightlights Line
FEEL - Friendly enough expression language
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Business rules - even simpler
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Create DCR graphs from a simple CSV file
Release Date:
April 12, 2022
Demo Date:
March 22, 2022

DCR Whiteboard

  • Faster opening and editing of graphs (133048)
  • Graph concurrency - ability to notify user if graph is updated outside of current view (5765)
  • Pre-condition - minor UI change - head is now filled out to make it possible to distinct between pre-condition, condition and milestone rule if black-n-white (135131)
  • Logical include rule - combines include and exclude into one business rule (5907)
  • Value rule - ability to set the value of another activity (133032)
  • Add meta data about graph and revision into dcr xml when exporting graph (137120, follow up on 129891)
  • Unique guid added when exporting a graph (137120)
  • Icon on Decision Model and Notation activities can now be clicked (133277)
  • Supporting FEEL expression language by OMG (136583)
  • Ability to manage information about a graph in a formatted manner in a new documentation tab (137118)
  • DCR Process Engine updated to release 3.12.0 (137148)

New App - CSV Import

DCR Simulator

  • Improved UI (133106)

DCR Flow Editor

  • Improved UI (131910,132620)

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