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Release 6.5

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Improve your DCR skills through online exercises
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A more beautiful and fast DCR Portal - enjoy it
Release Date:
August 13, 2021
Demo Date:
August 6, 2021

DCR Portal

  • Performance improvements retrieving list of processes (123182, 127533)

DCR Designer

  • Improvement in look and feel of a DCR process model in DCR Whiteboard – now showing rounded corners etc (104745)
  • Ability to set initial delay and deadlines on activities that have been execulted or are pending (114780)

DCR Simulator

DCR Swimlane Editor

  • Ability to make a copy of the existing swimlane (120900)

Exercises – Improve your DCR skills

Try our online exercise module in order to improve your DCR skills.

  • Ask user before resetting an exercise is done (129272)
  • Permanently show information on exercises (129276)
  • More details on feedback (129277)
  • Various UI improvements (129281)


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