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Release 6.4

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Welcome to digital on-boarding and exercises
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Ability to find certified DCR experts
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Making it easier for modellers - Use drag-n-drop to nest activity
Release Date:
May 27, 2021
Demo Date:
May 21, 2021

DCR Whiteboard

  • Plugin to support BPMN import (6035)
  • Ability to view process intelligence activities only (107505)
  • Warn user before importing if activities already exists (122023)
  • Support for 3 values (Yes, No, Ignore) for isAccepting parameter in flows (123935)
  • DCR Whiteboard + DCR Form - customizable Send button + Cancel link (124289)
  • Support Paste in HTML Edit fields for Common Activities (127539)
  • DCR Simulator - various improvement
    • Styling to make it look like the production system (123629)
    • Language selection removed while simulating process (124288)
    • Two options now supported while exiting simulation (121346)
  • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.7.1

Process Intelligence - Path History

  • Ability to animate processes (123584)
  • Business rules wizard (121255)
  • Ability to filter flows based on their types - None, AsIs, ToBe (122178)

DCR Flow Editor - flows

  • Ability to show activities faster - and reserve space initially (123219)
  • Less distance from start to end (118951)

DCR Active Repository

  • Ability to export process model as an image - also save process model image (124613)
  • Ability to get all process models in specific category (123609)
  • Support for wiki subdomain of process model and revision - follow up of 120597 (121178)
  • Ability to get process model's info (121868)
  • Ability to get information about usage of a process model in other organizations (125056)
  • Support for DCR Compliance Engine in Repository (5628)
  • Ability to validate user id/password and log info (126637)

Bug fixing

  • Fixed: Error on importing flow (6630)
  • Fixed: 'Make flows' checkbox is not working if isScenario="false" while importing flows (115817)
  • Fixed: Portal > Flow Editor > Validate trace API is calling twice (119544)
  • Fixed: Null (probability) in DB should be shown as 0 on front-end in Simulation History (120175)
  • Fixed: Encoding issue while importing log (120936)
  • Fixed: Created/modified sorting options seems not working for Teams (122893)
  • Fixed: Updated graph XML should not be there in response on re-run single flow(124342)
  • Fixed: Not all the events are creating in graph on import log in Path History (126366)
  • Fixed: Activity list should not be reload on selecting/un-selecting flows in Path History (126368)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - percentage is importing wrongly in Repository in Import log API (120918)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - cannot access graphs in a public shared category (124430)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - error code for get process API (117165)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - returns graphs outside my organization (123854)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - title attribute is not returning in response if title of simulation is null, in get simulation log API (114193)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - time is not inserting in ISO8601 format (6420)
  • Fixed: Active Repository - spelling error in get graph API (120994)


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