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Release 6.3.1

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Welcome improved DCR Highlighter
Release Date:
May 5, 2021
Demo Date:
April 9, 2021

DCR Portal > Highlighter

DCR Highlighter - updated UI

As of DCR Portal Release 6.3.1 the DCR Highlighter UI has been simplified. We've collected input from various users which has resulted in a more simple and easy to use solution.

The new UI is outlined below:

Highlighter as of March 2021

The Highlighter now operates in one of three different modes:

  1. View
  2. Alias
  3. Create

View mode is the default mode, and you can always return to View mode by pressingn the ESC key. In view mode you can select text and once done the Highlighter context menu will enable you to mark the text as a new Role, Activity, Rule or Comment. Once a new object is created it is selected and you switch to Alias mode.

You move to Alias mode by selecting an object in the controller on the left. Once in Alias mode, any text you select will be another marking of the selected object.

You enable Create mode by choosing one of the four buttons in the top. Any text selected in Create mode will mark the text and create a new object that will be added in the controller on the left.

This version of DCR also enables user to create documents in forms of Layers (112968)

The Highlighter manual will be updated shortly.


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