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Release 6.2

One Hightlights Line
Improvement for process modellers
Two Hightlights Line
Advanced modelling in DCR Flow Editor
Release Date:
March 31, 2021
Demo Date:
March 23, 2021
  • DCR Highlighter
  • DCR Whiteboard - improvements for process modellers
    • Allow string in choice fields in DCR Form (120627)
    • Assistance to modellers when modelling deadlines and delays (6018)
    • Characters are handled more generally in choice field (121573)
  • DCR Flow Editor
    • Fixing issues with subprocesses, DCR forms and data activities (112954)
    • Make it easier to make models from DCR Flow Editor initially (122119,122120)
  • Making it easier to use the DCR Portal and tools as programmers
    • DCR Process Models are described in the DCR XML. To import the core DCR objects, roles, activities and rules we've created a simpler JSON and XML format as outlined here. (122949)
  • Improvement in Portal UI (121258)
  • Improved styling of Internationalization strings (116148)
  • Improved icon for drag collections (122415)
  • Use formatted email templates everywhere (117937,122114,122495,122496)
  • Bug fixing
    • DCR Compliance Engine fails in DCR Swimlane Editor if guards are used (6364)
    • Major revision wizard fails if strange characters are given in revision title (107312)
    • Duration in swimlanes removed when editing simulation in Swimlanes Editor (104082)
    • Exception on register user in specific organization (122013)
    • Cannot insert link in scenario description (120166)
    • Role not saved for advance time, causing issues in DCR Swimlanes Editor (120143)
    • Duration is mandatory in DCR Swimlanes Editor for advance time (122498)
    • Filtering does not work in DCR Swimlanes Editor (110841)
    • Cannot open form in swimlanes if form added after swimlanes was created (123206)
    • Forms opening significantly faster in swimlanes (123217)
    • Major revision of process model - could not remove keywords (121260)
    • Cannot drag activity inside a subprocess onto a swimlane (122494)
    • Validate trace should not be called on updating trace's title, description etc. in swimlanes editor (119421)
    • Events are getting removed from top list in swimlanes editor (122140)
    • In Path History (Analyzer), no activities found is showing even when it should not be shown (119399)
    • Invalid URL for About DCR (122568)
    • Problematic character is not handled in save major revision pop-up's comment field (107312)
    • Portal > Designer > Error message is showing when graph is not accessible (121969)
    • Role not saving for advance time from swimlanes editor (120143)
    • Simulation time gets removed when we edit scenario from swimlanes editor (104082)
    • Text is not aligned to checkbox while importing scenarios in Designer (115765)


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