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Release 6.1

One Hightlights Line
Welcome to new logo and design of portal
Two Hightlights Line
Simulator now support simplified views to ease explaining models
Release Date:
February 27, 2021
Demo Date:
February 23, 2021
  • Welcome to new logo and design of portal - we welcome change (113882)
  • New user registration process simplified
    • Simply enter email address and fill out form with link from registration email  (116933)
  • DCR Whiteboard - improvements for process modellers
  • DCR Simulator
    • Simplification – ability to show fewer items in simulator (116327)
  • DCR Dashboard
    • Now showing name of category selected
    • Adding a process model now adds it to current selected category  (118680)
  • Improving governance and release handling
    • Revision wizard can now compare with any former major revision of the model (114017)
    • Ability to tag major revisions in order to classify major revisions (114697)
  • Path History / Process Intelligence Portal
    • Process Intelligence enabled through View Summary button
    • Minor improvements on Analyzer page (113004)
  • DCR Flow Editor
  • DCR Compliance Engine – improvements and adjustment to semantics as well as bug fixing to ensure a more consistent model
  • DCR Form Server design adjustments in DCR Whiteboard
    • “key” attribute changed to “label” in Choice fields (120629)
    • Ability to add custom width to form field presentations (120623)
    • Ability to add “custom” Dataset Presets values for Choice fields (120353)
    • Ability to add custom validation rules to organizations (120611)
    • Sequence is checked by-default in Activity editor, if model is DCR Form (118946)
    • Support for multi-located events (121857)
  • Improved load time for users in Connections (118316)
  • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.6.0
  • Bug fixing
    • Fixed: Single data event is not showing as data event after import flows
    • Fixed: Choice fields does not allow non-ascii characters
    • Fixed: Correct graph type is not exporting for externalized graphs
    • Fixed: Sub-process is showing instead of Form, on adding ‘Form’ as fragment
    • Fixed: Search/Filtering is not working in Fragments pop-up
    • Fixed: Process Intelligence filter is not working as expected
    • Fixed: Process intelligence checkbox not working for newly created graphs, error in console
    • Fixed: Only save Activity id and not full-path for single data events in Simulator
    • Fixed: View type state is not retaining during simulation
    • Fixed: All the graph are not loading if we sort graph by ‘Created’
    • Fixed: New lines are trimming out from feedback reply notification
    • Fixed: Error while saving flow if we use ‘ in description
    • Fixed: Notification not showing to user when Revision history is open
    • Fixed: Graph should not be allowed to be moved to category shared with view rights
    • Fixed: Checkbox needs to be adjusted for long translations
    • Fixed: Tick mark is not showing on re-run in Simulation listing
    • Fixed: Scroll is missing in the Simulations list
    • Fixed: Style of checkbox is not fine
    • Fixed: Layout bug in validation popup
    • Fixed: Cross button not working on Analyzer page
    • Fixed: Hyper link of graph is not correct in Upgrade From Template pop-up
    • Fixed: Graph not available in graph listing when shared in different organization
    • Fixed: Need to show Title instead of ID in Revision history wizard for add/remove flow
    • Fixed: Error in console in case of Norwegian language
    • Fixed: Need to show one User experience pop-up at a time
    • Fixed: Static traces are showing on Analyzer page
    • Fixed: Error on uploading log with transaction
    • Fixed: Default values are not working properly for Advance time in Flow editor

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