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Release 6.0

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DCR Process Intelligence lets you identify bottlenecks, compliance and response times
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Easier to collaborate with co-workers in global categories
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Welcome Teams to make collaboration easier
Release Date:
January 19, 2021
Demo Date:
December 24, 2020
  • Process Intelligence
    • Ability to view only insight activities (107505)
  • Process Discovery
    • Added more advanced algorithms so we now also mine Forbidden flows
  • Easier sharing of DCR Process Models with co-workers
    • Global categories shared with everybody within your organization
    • Public DCR Process Models will be discontinued in Community organizations (116151)
  • DCR Compliance Engine
    • Improvement and more consistent use of DCR Compliance Engine in the portal
    • Verification in specific flow (swimlane/scenario) and all flows now use exactly the same  verification logic
    • Detailed information about the issue can be viewed on the dashboard
  • DCR Whiteboard
    • Default type of nesting changed from Nesting to Subprocess (5915)
  • DCR Flow Editor
    • Various UI improvements, easier to add roles and activities, easier to validate traces (114765)
    • Ability to edit duration (113881) - PENDING
  • Introduced Teams in Portal (5916)
  • Ability to only show models in category outside category flag (116150)
  • DCR Compliance Engine now being used to re-run flows (111311, 5758, 111320)
  • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.3.9
  • Improvement of on-boarding for new usersIntroduction mail will now be sent when people sign up - all controlled by a DCR Process Model naturally
    • New users get their own first DCR Process Model - a simple expense report - to play with
    • Ability to capture Portal events (116263)
    • Using @instanceId as parameter in User Experience SQL SP (116428)
  • Other Improvements:
    • REFERID been replaced with FRAGMENTID (5979)
    • Rules updated to proper names (116149)
    • Updates in import/export DCR XML Log (112642)
    • Updated icons for Shared and/or Public categories (113943)
    • Show text instead of smileys in Simulations list (117055)
    • Ability to only show most common path initially in Path History (114012)
    • Ability to register origin when new users registers themselves (6106)
    • Ability to check re-run File Upload flow in Path History (5725)
    • Exception handling on Revision wizard
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed: Exception in DCRDiff function in Process Engine
    • Fixed: Lazy user in simulation does not save role in DL_SimulationLog table
    • Fixed: Events are importing wrongly on Import flows in Designer
    • Fixed: Percentage is importing/exporting as Integer and not as decimal
    • Fixed: Extend account page is not showing if account is expired and we access tool page
    • Fixed: Localization issues
    • Fixed: Admin dashboard does load
    • Fixed: Email issues related to invite users to organization
    • Fixed: Network call for notification should not happen on closing notifications pop-up
    • Fixed: Ordering of events not working if grouped and Sequence is checked
    • Fixed: Value field goes missing for custom validation
    • Fixed: Format problem in custom validation for Date/DateTime fields
    • Fixed: Calendar not opening on editing custom validation for Date/DateTime fields
    • Fixed: Error in console on opening form/data event
    • Fixed: Value is executing automatically in DateTime field in Portal Form server
    • Fixed: 2 organizations are setting as Primary upon registration
    • Fixed: Created is empty while editing flow in Flow Editor
    • Fixed: User experience related errors
    • Fixed: Add a new activity and and drag in Swimlanes not working


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