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Release 5.9

One Hightlights Line
The noun "process" replacing the noun "graph" previously used
Two Hightlights Line
More document layers in Highlighter enables users to document different dimensions of the model
Release Date:
November 30, 2020
Demo Date:
November 19, 2020
  • We've decided to use the phrase a business process instead of a graph. A DCR Process Model, a DCR Process, a DCR Model or a DCR Businesss Process are synonyms of the same
  • Forms in swimlanes and simulations - DCR XML Log - Now contains transaction markers around forms (112792, 111550)
  • Swimlane Editor - ability to download swimlane in horizontal or vertical mode (108767)
  • Scenarios on dashboard - now show type as text (Required, Optional or Forbidden) instead of smileys (112960)
  • DCR Form Server
    • Computational values in DCR Form (113850)
    • Localization and multi-lingual support
    • Continuous callback (113845)
    • Allow multiple values in choice fields, sets allowed in data values in the process. Contain operator introduced for guards in processes
  • DCR Whiteboard - ability to set initial values for values (101279)
  • DCR Highlighter
    • Several layers - documents - can now be added to Highlighter each outlining different aspects of the process model, i.e. one can be the formal lawtext and other the internal process description.
  • Password recovery modernized - now an email is sent where you can choose your own password (5620)
  •  Repository
    • Major revision, also return DCR Change Xml from process revision history wizard.
    • Get process - now process xml for major revision also contain the scenarios
  • Better enterprise support for working - sharing DCR models across the organization through public categories (113631)
  • Added prompt on Designer if process is edited by some other user
  • Various UI changes
  • Support for transactional subprocesses in DCR Simulator and DCR Swimlane Editor
  • New App to outline activities based on force-directed graph logic
  • Ability to upgrade an existing DCR process to a newer version of the WorkZone template (111331)
  • Ability to mark graphs as digitalized (112571)
  • Ability to use AutoPilot for Invite user emails (112965)
  • Ability to splice all fragments into graph as option (103767)
  • Ability to open form/data events in Swimlanes editor (104327)
  • Ability to ask user if swimlanes image should be downloaded horizontal or vertical (109833)
  • Updated UI related to import Transaction/scenario log (113894)
  • Updated process for invite user(s) to organization (105773)
  • Export graph API updated to handle graph export for certain users (114211)
  • Scenarios import/export now supports transactions (111550, 112792)
  • Updated icons for shared categories (113943)
  • Improved performance on starting graph simulation (115115)
  • Little adjustment on Dashboard when there is no scenario exists for graph
  • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.3.6
  • Fixed: Retrieve 15 more graphs not working every time on Dashboard
  • Fixed: Category showing twice if shared as Public and individually too
  • Fixed: Microsoft social login not working
  • Fixed: Multi instance sub-processes id is missing in simulation task list
  • Fixed: Correct activity name not showing in simulation log for activities like Execute H1[0].H1_1
  • Fixed: Municipalities list is not sorted alphabetically in Form server
  • Fixed: Clicking 'Next' on last item in Wizard does not close it, nothing happens
  • Fixed: Forbidden scenario suddenly shown as Required on Re-run
  • Fixed: Error on revision history
  • Fixed: Error on Public view of graph

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