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Release 5.8

One Hightlights Line
Welcoming process revision history wizard
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Simplifying business rules - the pre-condition
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Separation of duties
Release Date:
October 29, 2020
Demo Date:
October 26, 2020
  • New Features:
    • Process revision history wizard. Compare new major revision with latest major revision of process in a wizard that takes the user through all relevant changes.
    • Added Pre-Condition as a new ule that combines the Condition and Milestone rules into one rule. When defining processes the combined "Condition-milestone" rule, now called "Pre-condition", is what people expect.
    • Separation of duties, compliance. Ability to specify that actual user executing activity must be the same or different as other users. Part of the DREAM project.
  • Improvement:
    • DCR Simulator - render process - ability to define default setting for each user ( 5951)
    • Ability to share category/process with connections that belong to the same organization
    • Ability to open Path History/analyzer page even when process does not have any scenario in it
    • Ability to only show shared categories in organization the category belong to
    • "initTime" attribute updated to "init" in export DCR XML Log
    • Ability to update simulation log for Scenarios, when activity id is changed in DCR Whiteboard
    • New updated logic for scenario re-run
    • Swimlane duration - ability to edit from and to as well as a description when adding a time between two activities (110468)
    • Font color and size adjustments in swimlanes (and images)
    • Better support for KMD WorkZone case activities by supporting
      • Easier to use WorkZone template when creating a new process (6050)
      • Globel sequence number makes it easier to mark activities for quick execution and avoiding issues with the sequence numbers (5797)
      • WorkZone use activity effects to read and write data to/from WorkZone, manipulate documents and send smart post. Showing activity effect in bottom of activities makes it easier for the modeller to view and access parameters. When clicking on activity effect edit parameter dialog opens. (5981)
      • Case Activities in WorkZone rely on DCR Templates. Now it is easier to create a new process based on the WorkZone template matching the version of KMD WorkZone installed (6050)
    • Ability to move a DCR process model to a customer organization from Community or a test organization
    • DCR Simulator - ability to default to always render process model when simulating (5951)
    • Added timed expression validation
    • Added exception handling in DCR Simulator
    • Improved exception handling in Portal
    • Added exception handling in DCR Publisher application
    • Added field for customized DCR AI Guide URL on user profile page
    • Added Duration picker on time forward in Swimlanes editor
    • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.3.2
    • Support for transactional sub-processes in DCR Designer
    • Ability to share category with organization with view/edit rights
    • Ability to select a template from New Process dialog (6050)
    • Ability to open Swimlanes viewer for specific scenario(s) from Path History/Analyzer page
    • Ability to support Transactional log in Path History
    • Ability to show pattern in Path History
    • Ability to parse and pretty print Choice field values
    • Ability to show organization of process while creating it
    • Ability to show resource user expression message to user during simulation of process
  • User experience:
    • Ability to send emails through AutoPilot
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed: Externalized proceses are creating in wrong category if category of process is shared
    • Fixed: Modified By tag goes missing in export simulation log
    • Fixed: Consistency issue for paste clean text pop-up
    • Fixed: Null check is missing on process update
    • Fixed: Processes not shared with me at all is shown
    • Fixed: Keywords are not same for very process on Dashboard and in Whiteboard
    • Fixed: Error on deleting scenario
    • Fixed: Scenario's image not generating for forbidden scenarios
    • Fixed: Percentage is importing/exporting as Integer and not as decimal for scenarios/simulations
    • Fixed: Swimlanes not loading for process having referred form in it
    • Fixed: Choice field not showing during simulation if process has sub-process in it
    • Fixed: UI issues

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