Release 5.1

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Welcome to DCR process fragments
Release Date:
March 31, 2020


  • New Features:
  • Improvements:
    • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.0.7
    • Improved performance of create new flow
    • Maximum allowed length in Organization Name field is increased
    • Maximum allowed limit is now 200 characters in Delay/Deadline fields in DCR Whiteboard
    • Slider and Table fields removed from Data type listing in DCR Designer
    • Show Activity id along with Activity label in Swimlanes
    • Show activity label and not id in Deadline Passed pop-up
    • Added proper message for deleted flows/swimlanes
    • Show user profile on Dashboard on clicking Username in Process Listing
    • Improved required fields validation on Register page
    • Improved error/failure messages in App Store
    • Improved error logging for Swimlanes related error(s)
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: Activity stream posts not loading in Firefox browser
    • Fixed: Extra process name is showing in the bottom of the Process listing on Dashboard
    • Fixed: Extra call need to be removed from public url if portal is logged out
    • Fixed: Created/Modified sorting options showing on Dashboard, even when its not in the list for Connections
    • Fixed: Button is not completely showing in Danish language in Revision History
    • Fixed: ‘Change title’ and ‘Revert to this version’ buttons should be disabled if process is shared with view only rights
    • Fixed: Copy simulation pin is not working in Edge browser in Start Simulation pop-up
    • Fixed: Remove Nesting and Subprocess in front of Forms during Simulation
    • Fixed: Required is set as ‘No’, but field is still mandatory in Activity Effect Parameters
    • Fixed: Backslash not escaped in guards
    • Fixed: Error related to Tiny MCE
    • Fixed: Updated process image is not available in document unless we reload
    • Fixed: Area for “Something went wrong” message should be increased a bit and translation also need to be change, in Flow Search app
    • Fixed: Clock is not showing in flows image, in DCR Publisher plugin
    • Fixed: Events is misplaced in flow image, in DCR Publisher plugin
    • Fixed: Parameters data not saving in error log table if data is too large
    • Fixed: Invitation sent icon is missing in Invite Connections tab
    • Fixed: Error on adding/removing some user from some organization
    • Fixed: Validation message missing if user clicks ‘Add to collection’ button without selecting any collection
    • Fixed: If process is shared with read-only rights then user should not be able to add/edit/delete subscriptions
    • Fixed: Error in console on connections page
    • Fixed: Proper link missing on Guidelines button in App Store
    • Fixed: handleClick error from errorlog table
    • Fixed: Dashboard not loading fine on IE browser
    • Fixed: Weird (thick) scroll bar in Swimlanes
    • Fixed: Error on deleting some category that has shared process in it
    • Fixed: Liked/Favorite public processes are showing in wrong organizations
    • Fixed: Error showing on sharing some public process
    • Fixed: Fixed back-end so it uses Split so Form works in SimIT

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