Release 5.0

Release Date:
February 28, 2020


  • New Features:
    • Swimlanes – show enabled + pending events
    • Swimlanes – JSON in place of XML
    • Swimlanes: When dragging data activities prompt user for value
  •  Improvements:
    • Scenario Search: Use new image to draw swimlane – same as in DCR Simulator
    • Swimlanes: Improved speed when creating new swimlanes
    • UI change for user profile page if its access is set to private
    • Improved loading time for DCR Forms
    • DCR Form Subscription – Subscription is provided with its URL link
    • Swimlanes – label of activity on export should be from process and not from scenario
    • Renew User Account – Client side validation instead of server side
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: Issue related to null descriptions of simulations
    • Fixed: Cannot remove scenario in editor
    • Fixed: Error if we drag event in swimlanes
    • Fixed: Error on using time in swimlanes
    • Fixed: Wrong data type options when edit datatype event
    • Fixed: Validation rules not saved in portal for data events
    • Fixed: Error on Renew Account page if we put other languages characters in reason field
    • Fixed: URL of user profile is not fine for simulation started notification
    • Fixed: Activity stream not loading if user has specific characters in name
    • Fixed: Swimlanes – Long label is creating issue while saving Scenario
    • Fixed: Swimlanes > Swimlanes not open w.r.t respective rights
    • Fixed: Favorite button is not working on User profile page
    • Fixed: Pending events count in DCR Form server on portal
    • Fixed: Exceptions in DCR AI Guide
    • Fixed: Pre-set list has double empty values in DCR Form server on portal
    • Fixed: Subscription page – Create new subscription should not be allowed if user do not have access to process
    • Fixed: DCR Publisher – Process image is not displaying completely


  • New Features:
    • Now supporting data capture using DCR Forms
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: Executed value not showing in simulation log in portal for data events if executed from SimIT
    • Fixed: Simulation can’t be join for specific process
    • Fixed: Close button not working if we do not execute an event

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