Release 4.9

Release Date:
January 24, 2020


  • New Features:
    • Support for View Type for rules in DCR Whiteboard in order to show, dim or hide rules while viewing the process
  •  Improvements:
    • Process Engine upgraded to version 3.0 that has various improvements
    • DCR Simulator
      • Now shows the value of computational events while simulating in the log
      • Ability to go back in a running simulation re-introduced
    • Renew account > Support for Academic users in account renewal process
    • DCR Whiteboard
      • UI/UX improvement. Added ‘s’ for sub-process in lower right corner
      • Delay and deadline expressions can now be durations or date/datetime
      • Renamed “Sequence editor” in DCR Whiteboard to “Activity Editor” with basic documentation and Advanced options. Available for easy editing of activity properties
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: Grouping type for parent activity is set to Default if no child activity exists
    • Fixed: DCR Publisher: Now show all scenarios should, rather than just scenarios that has isAccepting checkbox = true
    • Fixed: Title of collection is renaming wrongly on Dashboard
    • Fixed: created date/by and modified date/by is missing in export scenario
    • Fixed: Extra/wrong notification is receiving when simulation is started
    • Fixed: Mentions are not working in Activity Stream
    • Fixed: Duplicate users are showing in Invite User tab in Connections
    • Fixed: Null alias for users in simulation log
    • Fixed: Simulation type is updating wrong in Edit Simulation
    • Fixed: Edit simulation not working in Simulation History when description is Null


  • Updated engine to version 3.0.3 for DCR Simulator
    • Durations can now be expressions, e.g. “DateActivity + P2D”
    • Duration expressions extended so we now support a specific time of day using the “@ hh:mm” notation
    • Delay and deadlines can now be date/datetime and not just durations
    • Using ISO 8601 durations internally as representations of duration
    • “-” in activity id not allowed anymore – was not allowed in DCR Designer so no processes used this

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