Release 4.6

One Hightlights Line
Welcome to collaborative simulation from your smart phone
Release Date:
October 31, 2019
  • New Features:
  • Improvements:
    • Process Engine upgraded to version 2.18.1 supporting time and various improvements
    • Swimlanes now have similar UI to BPMN swimlanes
    • Users can now login using email address associated with account as well.
    • Comment field added for Major Revisions
    • Social media registration page UI/UX updated
  • Bugs Fixes:
    • Fixed: URL for About DCR in footer
    • Fixed: Import scenarios importing previously imported scenarios again
    • Fixed: Swimlanes, correct date not enabling on time forward pop-up while creating a new scenario
    • Fixed: Time format in swimlanes
    • Fixed: Re-run scenario issues
    • Fixed: Swimlanes, Unassigned role issue
    • Fixed: Is Accepting not correct for simulation, with sub-process
    • Fixed: Non-utf8 character in process keywords
    • Fixed: Localization issues

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