#DCR Highlighter

Release 4.5.1

Release Date:
October 7, 2019

DCR Highlighter

  • New Features:
    • Faster assignments of process elements with text (including search functionality)
    • Productivity – Rework the top navigation bar (item creation)
    • Productivity – Non-destructive integration of multiple textual highlights to the same activity: now it becomes easier to trace and edit the content of your labels and descriptions, when adding marking existing text in the highlighter
    • Productivity – Support for highlighting over nested existing highlights.
    • UI – Garbage collection for unused highlights.
    • UI : Added temporary highlights to identify working elements on a marked text.
    • Top navigation bar has been redesigned to allow for insertion modes. Now you can double click on [Add Role], [Add Activity], [Add Rule], [Add Alias] to enter a mode where only one highlighting type is permitted, speeding up the marking of larger corpora. Click again on the button to come back to the standard mode.
    • NLP Service: Now suggest can be parameterised with component categories: select between roles, activities, rules, or a combination of them.
    • Productivity – Now marking multiple occurrences of text only add full words.
    • NLP Service > We simplified the interface of the Suggest, so information is understood faster.
    • Productivity – Support for overlays when working in different modes (for instance, using the NLP and Manual highlights at the same time)
  • Bugs Fixed:
    Major bug fixes, mostly in related to rule management, character encodings, and UI 
    • UI > While creating rule – preview dark orange color should be marked on text
    • UI > Layour of buttons in top nav bar should not be in 3 lines
    • UI > Suggest and Edit Text buttons are not enabling correctly
    • UI > Assign text sub-menu is opening on click instead of hover
    • UI > If we close create fule pop-up using cross button then temporary highlight is not removing
    • UI > Text is hiding behind create rule pop-up box
    • UI > an annoying x was presented in overlays, now its gone
    • UI > Helper menu must update on selection change
    • UI > Marked and non-marked rules should have the same alignment.
    • UI > Multiple context menus should not be opened at a time
    • Alias > Existing item list is not closing on making alias
    • Text marking > Assign text option should always be available in the context menu
    • Encoding > Roles support now UTF-8 character set.
    • Encoding > Full UTF-8 character set support
    • Encoding – Copy pasting of text is not working fine in text editor due to UTF encoding
    • Rules > Fixed bug on when adding new rule to existing marking
    • Rules > All highlighted rules must be identifiable.
    • Rules > New rules couldn’t be merged with highlighted rules, now they can
    • Rules > Highlighted text should allow to add and delete new rules
    • Rules > Improving deletion of rules from the highlighter
    • Rules , NLP Service > Rule suggestion was removed if we choose to cancel creating rule
    • NLP service> On un-selecting any checkbox, Select All checkbox should get un-checked
    • NLP Service > Accepted Suggestions should always have a label.
    • Integration > Selected elements in the modeller should correspond to selected elements in the highlighter, and vice-versa

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