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Release 3.6

Release Date:
December 31, 2018
  • DCR Form model updated. Old referred DCR Form’s will not work anymore but easy to change.
  • Added support for showing forms of data events in simulation
  • Added support for datatypes for all default type activities
  • Process listing on dashboard will use server side search now
  • Four standard apps from AppStore now default to all users – Scenario Search, HighlighterDCR Publisher and Dead end analyzer
  • Bug fixes
    • App store search updated according to user organization
    • Sorted Datatype list alphabetically
    • Expression validation invalid error issue
    • Issue when datatype modal was closed, the datatype list items were disabled if event had no datatype
    • Copy paste issue where activity datatypes were not being copied if they had any datatype
    • Runtimes issue with childs for subprocess
    • Resigtration Error messages & translations
    • Date/Time formats for swimlanes
    • Minor UI/UX issues & Console Errors
  • Active Repository – many new operations. Old link will be removed by the end of January 2019, so change URL from to now.

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