Release 3.5.1

Release Date:
November 30, 2018
  • Added expressions validation on selecting the rules
  • Updated Translations
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Collaborative Simulation UI/UX issues if simulation is paused/resumed
    • Process Sharing and Collaboration issues for editing processes
    • Simulation Initialization failure and Notifications issues
    • UX issue with Expressions on Rules
    • Simulation Logs tool tip with HTML tags
    • Simulation render not working with Highlighter App
    • New process option is not available for categories under some collection
    • Resources parameter length in resources during simulation
    • Activity Effects, list not auto scrolling for newly created Parameters
    • Roles and Group filters not working properly after Select All
    • Copy/Paste not copying run times of copied items
    • CTRL + O issue if CTRL is pressed and switching tabs in browser
    • Process Background Color not correct in resources on process load
    • Wrong Process Update Date for newly created processes
    • Activity effects not escaping Slashes and their parameters don’t load due to it
    • Add Resource item fields not clearing properly
    • Organizations logos not showing
    • Simulation Export API issues
    • App Store Search is not Organization base
    • Automated users missing profiles
    • Scenarios Listing fetching all simulations of process, it should only fetch scenarios
    • Revision History showing HTML content for Guide
    • Activity Stream UI/UX issues
    • Minor UI/UX issues

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