Release 1.2.3

Release Date:
October 7, 2016
  • Removed special characters restriction from process model title/description, resources, activity/connection label/description
  • Fixed sequence editor issue of reseting sequence on activity edit
  • Fixed revision history repeated title/description entries
  • Fixed plugins panel stuck behind top bar on small screens
  • Added tasks counter on filtering simulation tasks
  • Fixed save as not working with updated xml
  • Added qTip to handle escaped HTML and for svg support of tooltips
  • App menu is now disabled if no apps enabled
  • Added footer for DCR Portal
  • Fixed facebook sharing not working
  • Fixed issues with process model sharing
  • Events colors in side bar
  • Sub process reference in side bar after localization integration
  • Added error logging with api to log javascript error on to server
  • Fixed some Minor UI/UX issues
  • DCR Forms
    • All grouping functionality should be same now
    • If First fieldset,accordion or tab is hidden next available fieldset,accordion or tab should be opened
    • Fixed issue when datatype is moved from datetime to text
    • Max value of datetime is solved
    • Sequence issue in sequence editor is fixed
    • Group with pending activites is highlighted on close button or blur of activity
    • Highlighted group show number of pending event on mouse over
    • Checkbox default value excuted on load
    • Fixed all the datatypes min max values
    • Fixed Float datatype min max saving issue
    • Fixed issue that collpisible cool filedset arrow was not showing in simulation
    • Fixed validation of money message issue
    • Fixed issue of pending activty with no datatype stop close button
    • Fixed issue that activity with no datatype its group should not render empty
    • Fixed issue that on edit datetime datatype date picker was not showing
    • Fixed issue that on edit datetime datatype selected dates were not hightlighted

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