Release 1.2.2

Release Date:
September 20, 2016
  • Tasks without a role shown as “un-assigned” in task list if selecting “group by roles”
  • “Group by roles” now default in simulation
  • Internationalization and localization – My Processes, Shared Processes, Main Menu, Event Options, Simulation toolbar and popup
  • Internationalization and localization – Added a language picker in the toolbar
  • Using a form as a referred process model, issues fixed
  • DCR Forms
    • Close and Cancel button behavior change, not part of DCR Portal logic anymore, check form isAccepting on case of Close and warn if not accepting
    • Global store issue fixed so previous values are updated correctly
    • Added support for the TAB navigation
    • Show group description in top of “grouping”
    • Added support of showing links in the hint text for fields
    • Checkbox/boolean type not always correct, bug fixed
  • DCR Active Repository
    • Add simulation intialize XML method is added
    • Response status code is change from 200 to 201 in all created Methods
    • Change the URL’s of DCR Active Repository

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